What is Mango Butter?

What is Mango Butter?
Scientific Name: Mangifera indica 
Family Name: Anacardiaceae

Inesscents™ Magic Mango Butter, from the seeds of the mango fruit, is specially blended with the finest jojoba oil, creating a luxurious body butter that is deeply nourishing to the skin. It is especially emollient and rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants, which deeply penetrate dry skin, restoring luster and softness.

Mango is native to India, even though it can be found growing abundantly throughout Africa, Indonesia, the Caribbean and the Americas. It is obtained from the seed of the mango fruit and is rich in fatty acids, including both oleic and stearic as well as omega-9. Mango Butter does not smell like mangos since it is not derived from the fruit pulp, but from the seed.

Mango Butter has been traditionally used in the rainforests and tropics to soften, soothe, and moisturize dry skin. Mango butter resembles jojoba esters in its consistency, yet is slightly firmer. However, the fatty acid content of mango butter is different. It has a shelf life of approximately 2 years if properly stored in a cool dark place. It has a slightly sweet and fatty aroma in its natural form, which is reduced when the butter is refined. It generally has a creamy yellowish color and hardens at room temperature, but will liquefy upon contact with the skin and subsequently be easily absorbed, leaving a silky satiny smooth and greaseless protective layer.

Mango Butter is most often used for:

1. Dry Skin - Use for ashy skin, chapping, chafing, rashes, skin cracks, and tough or rough skin (especially feet and elbows).
2. Reducing Fine Lines - Apply to aging and/ or sun damaged skin. 
3. Skin Irritations - For use on irritated, itchy skin.
4. Sun Damage - Can be applied after sun damage/ sunburn to soothe skin   
5. Sensitive Skin - For infants or people with sensitive skin, mango butter is a natural alternative for skin care. 
6. Stretch Marks - Use daily to help minimize appearance of stretch marks

7. Massage - Mango butter melts right into the skin and is excellent for massage.