What is Organic Coconut Oil?

What is Coconut Oil?

Scientific NameCocos Nucifera 

Family Name: Arecaceae

*Certified organically grown

Inesscents™ Cold-pressed Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is derived from fresh, carefully dried coconuts, giving it a wonderful aroma. This oil is extremely versatile and can be used over the entire body. 

How to use organic virgin coconut oil?

  1. Body Oil –Coconut oil’s moisture retaining capacity is what helps restore dry, scaly skin, keeping it hydrated and healthy. Containing mostly fats, it’s a most effective emollient, increasing skin surface lipids, softening, smoothing and soothing dry, irritable skin. The medium chain fatty acids also found in Coconut Oil help nourish the skin, providing vital nutrients and energy.
  2. Massage Oil – This oil is a beautiful way to offer a massage to someone. The texture and density of the oil allows for ease of use.
  3. Hair Care – Can be used as a hot oil treatment for dry or brittle hair. Can also be a wonderful agent to help tame frizz in hair. 
  4. Skin Treatment – Wonderful with aiding troublesome skin, it’s been said that coconut oil literally ‘attacks acne’! Coconut Oil’s antimicrobial properties are what kill the bacteria causing Eddie’s acne. In this way, it helps not only clear skin of unsightly spots, but also removes the actual cause, preventing future breakouts. So Coconut Oil can contribute to clean, clear, spot-free skin.
  5. Reducing Fine Lines - Dab a small amount under eyes to soothe and nourish delicate skin.
  6. Hot Oil Treatment - Hot oil treatment - Warm in a pot of hot water. Massage into hair and scalp. Cover head for 1 or more hours. Shampoo and condition.
  7. Facial Cleansing – Used in many facial treatments.