I absolutely cannot live without your African Shea Butter! It is so much smoother than anything else I have seen on the market (probably because of the lovely organic jojoba oil you put in it!). Please send me more!
M. Neat
Inesscents Shea butter is superior! I have tried many different brands of unrefined Shea butter…but Inesscents Shea butter truly has the healing properties that Shea butter is known for!
Dr. H. Costello
Thank you for making a truly wonderful, fresh organic jojoba oil available! I have been using it on my face and all of my little acne spots have cleared up!
These are the best products I have ever used.
C. Mwangi
I would like to let all the staff at Inesscents to keep up the great work! I love the cocoa butter I bought. It's a very reasonable price and I trust the integrity of the product. Keep doing what you are doing with integrity and dignity. One happy customer here in Albany, NY
Albany, NY
I have been using Inesscents products since they were introduced at my local Vitamin Cottage. I was attracted to the purity and simplicity of the unscented body butters. Although living in a dry climate, I have skin that is healthy, soft, and moisturized, looking much younger than my years.
I tried several things for my rosacea, and you organic almond oil has been the best that I have found. It is a superior product. Thank you.
J. Sherwood
My daughter and I always pray for your business to carry on doing well, as we both acknowledge that your products are the best we have come across. She said to me the other day that the only thing in life she could not do without is your Inesscents jojoba butter!
One of my customers came is with a skin reaction to some antibiotics that she was taking, I suggested that she try Inesscents African Shea Butter. She came back in a few days later and told me that within 48 hours the rash had cleared!
Good Food Co
I don't know if I really need to write a review about a Cocoa Butter in Sudanese Coconut & Vanilla. Doesn't the description say it all? At the risk of sounding redundant I will rave about this product anyway. It is simply magnificent. The cocoa butter is made from the seeds of the cacao fruit, which are also used to make chocolate! It is extremely rich in fatty acids which leave your skin feeling soft and looking lustrous. It is also one of the highest known antioxidants working to destroy free radical damage and slow down that wicked aging process (can I buy this in bulk?). Ingredients Are: Organic and raw cocoa butter, unrefined shea butter, organic jojoba oil, organic almond oil, coconut attar and vanilla absolute. The benefits of this product are extraordinarily and the scent is heavenly. Also look for my review on Inesscents Magic Mango Butter in Rose Sandalwood. I alternate between the two of them depending on my mood.