Our Staff

Amber Ashley – Founder

Amber Ashley has been harnessing the power of aromatic botanicals since she was a teenager. While attending the University of Colorado at Boulder in the early 90’s, she traveled the world spending time in India and North Africa, where aromatic oils such as sandalwood and frankincense are part of life’s daily rituals. Upon returning to the US from these travels, with an abundance of oils in hand, she became the provider of fine essential oils to many of her friends and family. “If you wanted to smell good, you came to see me”, she says. From this time, her love of body care developed and deepened. In 2000, she co-founded Inesscents Aromatic Botanicals; an organic body care company, devoted to offering nutrient-dense, high potency botanical superfoods for the skin. She wanted to offer a truly natural alternative to what was then available on the store shelves. The goal was not only to provide the means to healthy, glowing skin but also to raise awareness on the importance of feeding our skin with the same care that we feed our body. It was also important to her to support a strong and vibrant network of global organic producers. Inesscents was one of the country’s first certified organic and certified fair trade body care companies. Amber still lives her passions daily with her natural ability to understand and work with botanicals. The essential oils, absolutes and resins chosen for her blends are incredibly powerful tools for the emotional body, overall well-being and quality of life. Each is carefully selected based on the growing region, conditions and supplier. Amber knows that these details matter when it comes to the potency and effectiveness of everything she creates.

Heather Brunetti – Operations Manager

Heather Brunetti joined the Inesscents family in 2013. She came to us with an extensive background in business, sales, event coordination and operations. A painter at heart, Heather loves the art of creating something from nothing. She is passionate about using her knowledge and skills to better our quality of life and to make positive change in the world. Heather dedicates her time at Inesscents by refining systems, supporting staff, coordinating demos, providing a social media presence and helping grow this amazing business.

Sam Sheppard – Office Manager

Sam has been with Inesscents since it budding stages. A master of many roles, Sam has done everything from production, to product development. She has recently moved into the role of Office Manager and Customer Service ensuring that the needs of those we do business with are met and exceeded. Her experience, knowledge and enthusiasm is an integral part of our daily environment. She is an invaluable resource and delight to work with.