Organic Witch Hazel Extract - $55.00 64oz. / $92.00 128oz.

Available in 1/2 Gallon and Gallon HDPE Plactic jugs.

Inesscents ™ Organic Witch Hazel Extract is a potent astringent, helping to tone skin and minimize appearance of pores. It is useful in fighting acne and speeding the recovery of other skin ailments. High in tannic acids, it is soothing to minor skin irritations and inflammation.

Ingredients: *Hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel) leaf water, *alcohol. Contains 86% witch hazel extract and 14% grain alcohol. *Certified organically grown.

Suggested Uses: Apply a small amount to cotton ball or pad and gently wipe skin to remove impurities, refresh skin and lock-in moisture. 

For external use only.