Organic Vegetable Glycerin - $5.50 2oz. / $9.15 4oz.

Available in 2 fl.oz. and 4 fl.oz. amber glass bottles as well as 1/2 Gallon and Gallon HDPE Plactic jugs.

Inesscents™ Organic Vegetable Glycerin is the ultimate humectant, attracting and sealing in moisture, while soothing irritated skin. Used as a key ingredient in many body care products, it is water soluble and provides added moisture for dry skin.

Ingredients: USP *Vegetable Glycerin. *Certified organically grown.

Suggested Uses: Use as a daily facial moisturizer and/ or cleanser. Add to your favorite lotion or conditioner. Use in your favorite home-made skin care recipe. 

All Inesscents products are hexane free.

For external use only.