Organic Almond Oil - $9.95 2oz. / $14.50 4oz.

Available in 2 fl.oz. and 4 fl.oz. amber glass bottles as well as 1/2 Gallon and Gallon HDPE Plastic jugs.

Inesscents™ Organic Almond Oil is a natural emollient, which softens, soothes and reconditions dry skin. It is easily absorbed and does not feel greasy or clog pores. Our almond oil is cold-pressed in central California by a family owned Certified Organic Farm.

Rich In: Essential fatty acids, Vit. E and phytosterols.

Ingredients: Cold- pressed *Prunus dulcis (sweet almond) oil. *Certified organically grown.

Suggested Uses: Apply a small amount to damp skin for restorative nourishment. Soothing for dry, irritated and sensitive skin. 

This is a cold-pressed product filled with life and vitality. Keep in cool, dark place to extend shelf life.

All Inesscents products are hexane free.

For external use only.