Our Products

Inesscents™ was born out of our family’s need to create an alternative to commercial body care products, simultaneously creating a legacy that our children’s children can inherit using their imagination and intelligence to reshape the future concerning natural products. We know that eating fresh, organic, and unrefined foods provide the most nourishment for our bodies, so why should our skin’s food be an exception? We believe that the skin, as the largest organ of the human body, is an essential way to feed the internal body, so nurturing the skin is nurturing the whole body.

Our own loving hands carefully manufacture, pack, label, and ship each and every Inesscents product. Absolutely no animal testing has ever been done on any product we sell, and all of our ingredients are entirely plant-based and unrefined. We bring to you only the safe and gentle formulations that we use on our own children. We thank you for supporting earth-sustaining products like Inesscents™ Aromatic Botanicals.