Our Story

Inesscents Aromatic Botanicals™ is a small family business based in Southern Oregon. We take pride in maintaining the therapeutic integrity of our products by using minimal processing and by supporting organic practices. We believe in the wisdom of the Earth’s medicines and strive to protect their purity and perfection.

Our company was born out of our family’s need to create an alternative to commercial body care products, while simultaneously creating a more sustainable future for our children to inherit. That is why we take special care in sourcing the highest quality, consciously sourced and nutrient dense superfoods for the skin. We know that eating fresh, organic and unrefined foods provide the most nourishment for our bodies, so why should our skin’s food be any exception? 

Inesscents takes a strong stance on protecting the environment by supporting a global community of organic farmers and practicing triple bottom line business principals. Our own loving hands carefully manufacture, pack, label and ship each and every Inesscents product. Absolutely no animal testing has ever been done on any product we sell, and all of our ingredients are true to the source. We encourage conscious consumerism as well as the revival of ancient botanical wisdom. Thank you for supporting earth-sustaining products like Inesscents Aromatic Botanicals™.

-The Inesscents Family