What is Organic Witch Hazel Extract?

What is Organic Witch Hazel Extract?                                             

Scientific Name: Hamamelis virginiana

Family Name: Hamamelidaceae                                                             

*Certified Organically grown

Inesscents Organic Witch Hazel Extract is a potent astringent, helping to tone skin and minimize the appearance of pores. It is useful in fighting acne and speeding the recovery of other skin ailments. High in tannic acids, it is soothing to minor skin irritations and inflammation.

Also called winterbloom, snapping hazel and spotted alder, wild witch hazel is a beautifully unique plant which flowers from late September well into November. Its late bloom makes it a popular choice for garden enthusiasts. The yellow flowers stand out from the others creating a lovely contrast. The witch hazel plant grows typically between 15 and 20 feet tall, although in parts of the United States they reach 30 feet.

This plant was widely used by Native Americans for a number of medicinal purposes. Witch hazel was extracted by steaming the twigs over hot rocks. This was commonly done in sweat lodges to ease sore muscles. Tribes used this plant for colds coughs, internal bleeding, itching and even dowsing. It is said that early English settlers were taught how to use ‘Y’ shaped witch hazel twigs to locate underground sources of water.

Inesscents Organic Witch Hazel is also extracted by steam, is double distilled and a small amount of organic alcohol is added as a preservative. This is much different than the non-organic version found at your local retailers. Conventional witch hazel uses undiluted / inexpensive alcohol which dries out the skin, has a strong odor and usually contains chemical additives.

How to use Witch Hazel:

  1. Reduce Bags under the Eyes – Soak a rag in a mixture of witch hazel and cold water and use as a cold compress over the eyes to reduce swelling.
  2. Sooth Emerging Pimples – Rub into affected area to reduce inflammation and decrease oil.
  3. Lock in Moisture – Apply immediately after shower to seal in moisture.
  4. Apply to Bruises or Varicose Veins – Soak a cloth and apply to affected area. The tannic acid in witch hazel will help to constrict blood vessels reducing bruising and relieve the discomfort of varicose veins.
  5. Use as a facial Toner – Removes excess oil and dirt. Spray a small amount on your face after showering for clean, fresh hydrated skin.
  6. Sooth Sunburn – Spray on sun burnt skin to relieve pain and soothe skin.
  7. Hemorrhoids – Apply directly to affected area to sooth irritated skin.