What is Organic Beeswax?

What is Organic Beeswax?

Scientific Name: Cera flava

*Certified Organically grown

Beeswax is one of nature’s awesome creations created by honey bees of the genus Apis. From the perfect geometric shape of each comb to the beautiful wax it produces, it is a gift of all sorts. We normally think of honey as the most important product that the bee produces, but beeswax is equally as important. It has been a part of human history since ancient times when it was used to make candles, molds for intricate metal statues and various other daily uses.

There have been many cultures who have used beeswax over the centuries. From batik designing on fabric, to grafting, sealing documents, cosmetics, salves, crayons, furniture polish and so much more. A versatile addition to our day to day living.

Certified organic beeswax is increasingly harder to come by. It takes a large amount of organic land to eliminate contamination, the bees must consume organic botanicals, and the wax must be free of any antibiotics or chemical pesticides. The result - pure, natural organic beeswax. We did our homework so you don't have to. 

How to use Organic Beeswax:

Inesscents Organic Beeswax Pellets are a perfect choice for all of your do-it-yourself projects. From lipsticks, candles, balms, soaps and salves our beeswax is of the highest quality and comes in easy to use pellets.