ITAL (i-tôl) taken from the English word vital to mean pure, natural and unrefined. Can be used to describe clean from unclean or healthy from unhealthy.

The iTAL Certified seal is owned, trademarked and issued by the iRiE Foundation, an organization that was founded as an educational charity to protect and propagate the integrity of Ital as a conscious lifestyle. As a registered educational charity their aim is to increase understanding and awareness of Ital livity and vegetarianism. They give talks and workshops to school, colleges and community groups. They research and compile a monthly newsletter updating and informing the masses about the latest events pertaining to Ital vegetarian world. They work constructively with businesses and community groups to develop effective methods and habits to live a greener life. They develop and implement new standards by which Ital is perceived, understood and embraced. Their goal is to make ital a part of everyones awareness, on a more practical level.

The iTal certifying body issues the Ital seals as an informative tool to assist ital vegetarian consumers and food producers, with an easily recognizable symbol to help distinguish their preferred service or product. Also, to stimulate interest and awareness about ital as a legitimate code of etiquette and discipline in the arena of sustainability and conscious living. The two categories of Ital certification that we offer are:

iTAL Certified:

The iTAL Certified seal is color coded green, and is the ideal standard in which a product or service meets the criteria of 100% organic and 100% vegetarian. This is the highest quality certification we offer. The seal must appear with the certifiers statement; iTAL Certified by the iRiE Foundation. It can and should be posted on windows, menus, business cards and websites of approved businesses and services. Organic certification is a valuable asset, but not a necessity, in order to qualify for our certified Ital seal. However, It makes it relatively easy for certified organic agricultural farms, live food restaurants and products, as well as vegetarian restaurants and products to be approved.

iTAL Conscious:

Ital Conscious is the other type of approval, which is our “made with” category and is the area where the bulk of pack- aged foods will fall, as it is extremely difficult to approve products that are manufactured on shared equipment in a non-Ital facility which produces the majority of the vegetarian packaged foods. The iTAL Conscious seal is color coded gold, and signifies that a business or product is manufactured with over seventy-five percent (75%) organic ingredients, 100% Non-GMO and 100% vegetarian. Just because an ingredient may not be organic, doesn’t mean it contains genetically modified organisms. Many local farmers, especially in so-called “third world developing countries” cultivate food crops, comparable to organic agricultural standards.