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On: December 05, 2016
The holidays are coming and time is ticking away. That is why we decided on a fabulous DIY Body Butter recipe for you to create and distribute to your adoring fans. Inesscents is known for the art of making an impeccable butter, so you’ve definitely come to the right place. And when it comes to over-the-top gift ideas - handmade (and high quality) is where it's at.
On: November 18, 2016
The smell of the holidays is nothing short of magical. The gentle aromas of spice, pine, homecooked meals, warm fires and even the crisp chilly air. One thing is for certain – that these smells hold properties that provide a doorway to our past. Just walking through the front door of a loved one’s home can stimulate our brains into activating vivid memories and emotions.
On: October 12, 2016
Since I can remember I was bombarded by the Beauty Industry’s firm and repetitive messages. Endless promises were made to evaporate acne, remove excess dirt and make your skin look clean, soft and beautiful - even perfect. Maybe, I thought, the more products I use the more beautiful I would be?
On: September 08, 2016
We believe in the power of communities and working together to create positive change. That’s why we’ve been named ‘Best for the Community’ on the B-Corp ‘Best for the World’ List for 2016. 
On: August 16, 2016
Take Care of Yourself. Love yourself. Repeat.