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On: April 21, 2017
If you are like most of us, you probably have the standard variety of hair and skin care products lined up on your bathroom counter. Everything from moisturizing shampoos and conditioners, to shaving creams and body washes. But amongst all of your go-to products, do you have a body scrub?
On: April 07, 2017
Spring has officially sprung. The flowers are emerging from their winter hibernation creating bright blooms and temperatures are slowly on the rise. Rain comes to pass in between the sun along the way leaving trace rainbows and whimsical skies. During this time of year, it’s natural for us to begin a rejuvenation process. As nature moves, we move.
On: March 28, 2017
Creating your own lotion bars and using your favorite scents is an easy process to fall in love with! What is a lotion bar? As the name implies, lotion bars are solid at room temperature and warm naturally with body heat. Lotion bars are convenient (as they can fit into your purse, shaving kit or overnight bag) and they are fun to make.
On: March 17, 2017
Last week we got to celebrate International Women's Day. Women all around the globe were honored for their leadership, influence, strength, ambition, tenacity and beauty. On that day, Amber Ashley, Co-Founder and President of Inesscents™ Aromatic Botanicals was recognized by Fair Trade USA as a leading woman in the Fair-Trade industry. 
On: March 08, 2017
Fair Trade is about creating beneficial relationships rooted in trust and respect. These relationships span geographic regions and cultural boundaries.