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On: June 23, 2017
Our skin experiences trauma every day. From season to season and moment to moment our largest organ is at the front line of exposure. It's important to work on prevention and protection, but how can you support yourself if the skin is harmed? 
On: June 08, 2017
As of Memorial Day, Summer has officially arrived. Not only have the colors in nature brightened, but people are out and about hitting up farmer’s markets, riding their bikes, relaxing in parks, hiking mountains, rafting down rivers and setting up camp. Summer is truly a time to feel into our bodies and relish the time to get outside.
On: May 26, 2017
Getting into your home apothecary can lead to wonderful things. We chose three essentials oils that held similar health qualities to each one of them, but also smelled very different from one another; and a sensual scent was born. You’ll notice that the oils that were chosen are also well known for the effects on the mind.
On: May 12, 2017
The olfactory system is astounding. Science has shown that the human nose can discern over 10,000 different smells. It has also shown that smell is intrinsically linked to memory. You’ve probably met a handful of people in your life whose scents have stayed the same for so long that they’ve somehow become part of their very essence.
On: April 28, 2017
Stress manifests itself in our lives in many ways. We all know that reducing stress is going to support our overall health and wellness, but that wisdom can be easy to overlook when obligations take precedence. Reducing stress will not only lead you to a happier life, but it will also have a dramatic impact on your skin.