Inesscents Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are the perfect time to show your loved ones how much you care about them. Show your love by gifting them something nurturing, luxurious and meets the highest standards for quality, conscious sourcing, environmental impact, and results. 

Here are some great gift ideas for the whole family.

Body Butters

Lotions are often loaded with additives that can dehydrate the skin. Body butters however, are rich in essential fatty acids and vital nutrients, which deeply penetrate dry skin helping to restore luster and softness. Here are some of our favorite Body Butters for the holidays:

Salvation CBD Skin Salves and Elixirs

Our sensational Salvation CBD Skin Salves and Elixirs are in high demand across the nation.  We offer four beautifully handcrafted blends in three sizes; a 2oz salve jar, a .5oz travel stick and a 9ml roll-on - all with price options to fit your budget.

Here’s a little more about each blend:

  • Salvation CBD Hot Freeze is dedicated to our athletes and hard workers. With infusions of cayenne and peppermint it offers warming and cooling action to the muscles and joints. 
  • Salvation CBD Moontime Harmony is a perfect and nurturing blend designed to support women in and around their cycles. Cramp bark, evening primrose and clary Sage offer calming, soothing properties to support a healthy flow. 
  • Salvation CBD Skin Nourishing is perfect for those with sensitive skin. With comfrey, chamomile and yarrow, inflammation will be supported exponentially. 
  • Salvation CBD Skin Nourishing Extra Strength contains double the amount of CBD content found in our Skin Nourishing for those who needed a little more support. 


Choose from 18 handcrafted, beautiful, and all natural perfume scents. If you know what your gift recipient’s olfactory system enjoys (sweet, floral, earthy) the names should be able to guide you. But if you’re not sure, below is a short list of our 5 top-sellers:

  • Egyptian Musk - Egyptian Musk is reminiscent of warm, sweetly quenched summer nights. Anyone who has a taste for fresh earthy scents, will be blissed to see this little treat in their stocking.
  • Sudanese Coconut and Vanilla - Absolutely one of our most loved products, this tropically exotic and luscious scent is loved by many. Sudanese Coconut & Vanilla gently melts boundaries and seduces the senses.
  • Tunisian Amber - The deep earthy sweetness of amber radiates gentle nourishment for the heart, keeping one rooted. Great for any yogi in your life!
  • Jasmine - Simple and exquisite, this scent lingers as it liberates the imagination and elevates consciousness. It truly is the “forget-me-not” of perfumes. For anyone who loves floral scents, this is a win.
  • Rose Sandalwood - Combining two extraordinary scents, Rose and Sandalwood you can consider this to be a match made in heaven. A supreme balance between earth and spirit, giving definition to true pleasure. 

Take the worry out of searching for that perfect gift. Shop small and ethically. Visit our website for our full product offering and maybe we'll throw in a little something special just for you...