Inesscents - B-Corp from the Beginning

In 2000, Inesscents Aromatic Botanicals was born. Starting in a small kitchen with only the necessities, founder Amber Ashley carefully hand blended oils and butters that not only smelled amazing, but also offered nutrient-dense, high potency botanical superfoods for the skin. The goal was to provide the means to healthy, glowing skin and raise awareness on the importance of feeding the skin with the same care that we feed our bodies.

Amber built the business with as much care as she formulated her products. She wanted to start small, support the local economy, source her raw materials with extreme attention to detail in honor of global fair trade, and build a truly sustainable company. Her first customer was Ashland’s local community coop, and now, 18 years later you can find the incredible product line in stores across the country.

Throughout this growth process, certifications became important to demonstrate to clients (and the world) that the company was committed to staying virtuous to the core values it was founded upon. USDA Organic, Fair Trade, and B-Corp were all essential to this demonstration.

Inesscents was one of the first Organic body care lines to be certified by B-Corp in 2008. Last year, Inesscents was awarded ‘Best for the World 2017’ by B-Corp. This prestigious award was afforded to the company in three categories; Community, Environment and Overall. As a company, we take pride in being in the top 10% of all B Corp businesses, excelling in ground breaking triple bottom line business practices; as it’s who we are, and what we will continue to be.

We believe in creating positive change in how we operate as a business and how we can serve our community in the process. We will never cease in striving to be a leader in our industry. And we are grateful to corporations such as B for honoring our efforts. When you support Inesscents, you support the positive structure of how business is, can, and should conducted in our country, and throughout the globe.