The Global Movement of Fair Trade

Inesscents™ and Fair Trade

Fair Trade is about creating beneficial relationships rooted in trust, balance and respect. These relationships span geographic regions and cultural boundaries.

As a global movement, Fair Trade brings attention to people around the world. Where do our products come from? Who is behind the production? Are the working conditions safe? Are individuals and communities earning a fair living wage? Fair Trade highlights the true cost of goods inside of the global supply chain in its totality.

Ethical awareness and triple bottom line practices are the foundation of our business practices. Inesscents™ looks at the grand picture of how international sourcing impacts global health while Fair Trade is a movement and avenue that allows businesses to hold the greater good in check. 

October is Fair Trade Month. This month is about inspiring more companies to expand their economic platforms to include real world global social issues such as human rights, diversity, trade benefits, fair compensation, working conditions, and human values. We are all one human family and Fair Trade allows an easy way to care and protect the livelyhood of many cultures who offer significant goods to the global market. 

How Can You Support Fair Trade?

Today there are more and more businesses that stamp their products with the Fair Trade Seal. By looking for this emblem, you can rest assured you’re supporting companies that are trying to change how businesses work. Some very common house hold items to keep your eyes open for that can be easily purchased FT certified are:

By switching over to a Fair-Trade brand you are impacting change. Big businesses pay attention to what moves the market place, and if ethics are at the top of the list, the push for all companies to become more ethical in their practices will naturally arise. In the Chaos Theory, the Butterfly Effect is a sensitive dependency on conditions in which even the slightest seemingly non-related events can have a huge difference on the outcome of another.  Never think that you’re wasting your money buying Fair Trade. Because with those extra few cents you throw down, you could very well, be changing the way the world moves.

One love.