Fall Skin

Why is it important to change your skin care routine as the season's change? The skin is always exposed to the environment, which means it’s much more vulnerable than other organs in the body.

The water in the air affects the balance of water or hydration in your skin. As far as the effects of climate on skin goes, there are advantages and disadvantages to every season. Fall tends to bring more variance in weather. The temperatures can vary greatly from one day to the next, with warm humid days, to cool, dry, or even windy evenings.

Bottom line: It’s important to support our skin during climate adaptations.

Here at Inesscents we love digging into our body butters this time of year. The skin tends to naturally produce less oil in the fall and winter months so that means it’s time to step up your use of moisturizers. Body butters are rich, creamy, thick and incredibly nourishing. Body butters are good for the skin because they contain emollients and fatty acids from the rich nut oils inside the seeds. These hydrating beads wrap the skin in a blanket of moisture.

Body butters also help to form a protective layer over the skin to lock in moisture. When moisturizers contain nutritive emollients, they are occlusive and coat the skin to create a barrier between the skin's surface and outside elements. This is important when you’re hiking during the cool mornings, or turning on the heat at night.

Lastly, body butters are rich in vitamins. Essential skin vitamins are available in supplemental form, but they are also found in skin care products. The skin can absorb the vitamins provided to the body via body butter (and oils). Think of it as feeding the skin from the outside in.

Taking care of your skin should be an essential part of your health regimen. It is, after all, your body’s largest organ. Remember that anytime you add a product or change your routine, your skin will need time to adapt. Use your new routine for at least a couple weeks before determining how well it is or isn’t working for you!  

To help maintain your best self as you go through fall this year, try these tips. 

  • Notice how your skin reacts to the change in weather
  • Notice how your skin feels throughout the day
  • Adjust your skin care routine to match what you’re needing
  • All Inesscents body butters are theraputic for your skin. Choosing which is best for you is as easy as deciding which scent you love!