CBD | Our Story, Our Products

As our new products are getting filled, labeled and packed our excitement for this next great adventure continues to grow. 

Science has played a great part in our understanding of Cannabis Sativa and has changed the game on how we can utilize this ancient medicinal healer. People can now enjoy the benefits of cannabis without any psychoactive effect. Inesscents uses organically grown EU Certified hemp seed – the same hemp that is used to make rope. Because our CBD Oil is derived from the hemp plant and not cross bred with marijuana, the levels of THC are far below the .3% THC levels outlined by current laws. This has allowed what used to be an entirely underground movement to step into the forefront of our favorite health and wellness stores. 

Keeping it Small - Sustainability and Roots 

The new industry of CBD is growing rapidly and that leads to dollar signs in the eyes of Agro Business(es). What does this mean? Agribusiness emphasizes agriculture as a big business. Crops can be grown in massive quantities and sold to the highest bidder. The art of working with the astonishing Cannabis sativa could get lost in the hands of such change. The purity and sacred nature of the plant, left behind.

Grassroots companies like Inesscents are fighting to keep it real. Because we care – about our planet and its people. We are a small sustainable company and have been since day one. It is the backbone of what defines our origins, our brand, our story and our future. Inesscents is committed to conscious sourcing and how it benefits farmers, families, and communities. We focus on high quality, hand-crafted ingredients and it makes an enormous difference in the end product. Because we have a small committed team, and we work with like-minded farmers, our products carry that energy. This concept applies out to all of our raw materials and shows our customers that we consciously choose not to rely on big business; even if it means paying more for ingredients we can stand behind.

Our New Products

Last year we released our Salvation CBD Skin Salve onto the market and people from all walks of life are loving it. We are now going to be offering four NEW CBD CO2 infused blends, each with a specific purpose to serve varying needs. 

  • CBD Salvation - Hot Freeze is dedicated to our athletes and hard workers. With infusions of cayenne and peppermint it offers warming and cooling action to the muscles and joints. 
  • CBD Salvation - Moontime Harmony is a perfect and nurturing blend designed to support women in and around their cycles. Cramp bark, evening primrose and clary Sage offer calming, soothing properties to support a healthy flow. 
  • CBD Salvation - Skin Nourishing (our original recipe) was created to support aches and pains of the joints, muscles and skin. With comfrey, camomile and yarrow, inflammation will be supported exponentially. 
  • CBD Salvation - Skin Nourishing Extra was introduced in order to double the amount of CBD content found in our Skin Nourishing for those who needed a little more relaxation. 

All of these blends will be available in three different sizes - a 2 fl.oz. Salve Jar, a 1/2 fl.oz. Travel Stick and 9ml Roll On Elixir. 

This is our first step into deepening the conversation of what it means to be paving the way for CBD into the market as a small company. With the introduction of our new line, we want to start to rip off the wrapping, but we are going slowly. We look forward to sharing more in-depth explanations and details about each one of our CBD offerings.

It is our hope that by the time you read through you will feel empowered to choose the right product for you or your loved one(s)!