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On: August 24, 2018
Whether you’re struggling with relentlessly dry skin, or cleaning up cut on your finger (or leg, or arm), it’s not uncommon to open the medicine cabinet or grab the first aid kit in search of a fast, effective solution. The use of over-the-counter medications and remedies are often the quick and easy option, but is there a way to keep our healing natural?
On: July 19, 2018
Marigold is a genus of approximately 20 species of plants in the Asteraceae family. It is believed to be native to Southwest Asia, Western Europe and the Mediterranean. It holds a beautifully vivid color due to the high number of flavonoids it contains.
On: April 30, 2018
We get a lot of questions regarding carrier oils. How do you use them? Which oils are best? What's the perfect ratio between essential oil and carrier oil? We decided to dedicate this blog post to uncovering the fine details of using carrier oils.
On: April 13, 2018
Tamanu oil benefits seem to be endless. Although indigenous Melanesian and Polynesian communities discovered this wonderful, natural skin care remedy many centuries ago, it is only in recent times that Tamanu Oil began to attract serious attention from the beauty industry.
On: March 30, 2018
Inesscents prides itself in creating the highest quality skin care products. We use only the purest ingredients which are void of additives and toxins. Your health and the health of our planet is our inspiration and motivation for doing what we do.